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Makeup brushes manufacturer in India
 Posted : 26-May-2013

We are the manufacturer of makeup brush, cosmetic brushes like lip liner, lip filler,eye liner, eye shadow, powder brush, blush brush, foundation brush, face pack brush etc in Delhi, India. We always aim at providing the best quality at the reasonable prices to our customers. We have found that many people gets confused that which makeup brush is for which purpose, So, we here try to explain the purpose of makeup brushes to our esteemed customers. Hope you find it helpful while using makeup brushes.

Foundation Brush: Used to apply foundation to the face and typically made from synthetic fibers. Most foundation brushes have a small, rounded brush head shaped like a tiny spatula.

Concealer Brush: Concealer brushes look like mini foundation brushes. Being smaller than foundation brushes makes them better suited for covering blemishes or for applying liquid concealers in hard to reach places like the corners of the eyes.

Powder Brush: With a large, fluffy brush heads and soft bristles, powder makeup brushes are ideal for applying loose powder to the face.

Blush Brush: They resemble powder brushes with either a sloped or rounded tip. Great for applying blush to cheeks.

Eye Makeup Brushes.

There are lots of eye brushes to choose from, Start your collection with the essentials.

Eye applicator brush: Eye applicator makeup brush is used for applying colors on eye shadow. The sponge used is very good in quality. This is most basic eye brush.

Eye shadow Brush: Eye shadow brushes have square heads used to evenly apply both powder and cream shadows to eyelids. This is a most essential eye brush, one must use it for eye makeup.

Eye Smudger brush: Smudger brush. Its tightly packed, dome-shaped bristles allow you to easily blend out cream, pencil, or powder liners, softly diffusing harsh lines on the crease and lash lines. This makes it particularly essential when creating a dramatic, layered, sultry smoky eye. You can even try dipping your smudger brush into a similarly hued powder shadow to set and intensify creamy pencil liner. And since it's so small and easy to control, it's perfect for reaching targeted areas, like the inside corners of the eyes.

Eye Groomer Brush: Eye groomer brush is used for eye lashes and the eye brows. After you use the mascara you can use this eye groomer makeup brush for separating the eye lashes.

Eye LinerThe eyeliner brush is a fine tipped and tapered brush that is ideal for applying creme, gel and even liquid eyeliner. The tip creates smooth, even and precise lines.

Lip Brushes

When you feel like rocking a deep, dark scarlet or a bright matte fuschia, a lip brush is the only way to go. It provides more control and precise lipstick application than a tube. Like concealer brushes, lip brushes have a firm, thin tip. There are two type of lip brushes which are commonly used. It is lip liner brush and lip filler brush.

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Regularly cleaning makeup brushes extends their useful life. Baby shampoo and water also work well, there is no need for spending money on buying any lotion from the market. Antibacterial wipes provide a quick way to clean brush heads in the car or wherever water would make a mess. After cleaning your brushes, reshape the brush heads with your fingers and line them up on the edge of a shelf or sink to dry.

How to Store Your Cosmetic Brushes

For cheap, easy brush storage at home, stand them up in a glass (brush heads up). 

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